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SweetSpotVapor is a family run business in the state of Tennessee.The business was founded by Kevin and Kayla Hadley in June of 2013. 

The couple decided it was time to open up their own store and start producing some ejuice with some REAL TASTE! Day after day bottle after bottle they suffered through the feint, barley there flavor of the ordinary, everyday ejuice that 99% of the ecigarette shops sell. One day Kevin just had enough, and ordered himself 5 flavors from a chineese e cigarette/ejuice company so he could start adding more flavor to this horrible juice that was just a little tease when it comes to flavor. That was good but just not good enough, so he ordered a bottle of propolyne glycol and a bottle of vegetable glycerine. MMMMMMMm he was finally satisfied with a super concentrate of juicy delicious eliquid that he was striving SOOOOO hard to find! One day a couple of their friends tried the e-liquid kevin made and could NOT believe the DIFFERENCE in the juice kevin makes AND the juice they were buying from the vape shops! So they started asking Kevin to start making juice for them also!

This is a little excerpt from the soon to be BEST SELLER book that will come out in the future. A book about SweetSpotVapor and their road to success  and how they did it with $20 to their names!

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