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Gold Buyers Australia – Offering Good Value For

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This article is describing the essential features that should be kept in mind while selling any piece of gold and also how to ascertain the exact value of your gold on your own.

Are you interested in exchanging your most valuable asset into cash? Selling gold is not at all a difficult task nowadays. There are several buyers who are ready to purchase gold at a good market related price in exchange of money. You can sell any kind of gold ranging from inexpensive gold jewelry up to solid gold like coins and bars with Gold Buyers Australia. You have a collection of certain valuable pieces but do not know where to find the reliable and best deal, then look out some of these tips that you should really need to know.



You should have the basic knowledge about gold so that you will not face any difficulties while making deal of it with Gold Buyers Australia. The units in which the precious metals like gold, silver or platinum is measured are termed as "troy ounce". The higher is the karat value of pure gold the most will your jewelry will yield as cash for gold. The weight of the gold is measured in two ways: in pennyweight (DWT) or in grams (GR). An ounce of gold amounts to either 20 pennyweights or 31.1grams.

The percentage of pure gold in an 18 KT is 18/24 that is 75%, 14 KT is 14/24 that is 58.3% and in 10kt is 10/24 that is 41.67%. You can calculate the value of gold according to this set parameter. For example: if the price of pure gold is $1000 per ounce, then the 18kt gold will be valued at $1000/.75 that is $750/oz, 14kt will be valued at $1000/.583 that is $583/oz, and the 10kt will be valued at $1000/.417 that is $417/oz. This data will provide you a gist of how market or one can say stock exchange operates.

The price against your selling jewelry will depend on the quantity you are actually selling. However, if want to calculate or make a rough estimate about the value you will get after selling the gold, then you can follow certain steps.



Determine the latest price of gold per troy ounce, which is equals to 31.1 grams.

After that, divide the gold price with 31.1 to get the gold price per gram.

Then, you have to compute the purity of gold by simply dividing the karat amount by 24.

Next, you have to calculate the gold price per gram for a particular piece by multiplying $31.11with the amount you will get for the purity of gold (in step 3).

The above step will yield you the result of the actual 10k gold price per gram.

Finally, you have to multiply the price of gold with the weight in grams. After this final step, you will get the actual amount of your gold.



The lesser the amount of gold in a piece of jewelry, the less it will yield. When you purchase a trinket from any jewel store, you are essentially paying for its design and craftsmanship but when it gets recycled then its actual amount of gold is ascertained. If you want to part with your gold assets, then you can look out for online as well as offline stores to get rid of the question where to sell gold?




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