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3 Killer Steps To Worlds Easiest Internet Business

TrafficSwarm member since January 2009
Have you been afraid to start an internet business, because everything looks so complicated? Have you thought, that you must know, how to write source code and to know all the marketing tactics, before the start?

These feelings belong to the internet business start and smart merchants have developed programs, which offer help to these newbies. To start an internet business is not a new thing, which means that the merchants have a lot of experiences, how to handle the newbie problems.

The key thing is to make the start as simple as possible and to proceed step by step with the speed, which a newbie selects. Clear and understandable guidance guarantees, that a newbie can remain the enthusiasm and to reach the first targets. The marketing to the newbie target group is a special skill and this target group is very sensitive.

This short article presents a special 3 step system with which a newbie can survive through the first steps in the internet business jungle. The actions taken during these steps can be used later on, i.e. a newbie can build his or her later business on top of the first experiences.

1. The First Action Is To Join A Proven Affiliate Program, Which Can Train A Newbie And To Give All The Needed Tools.

It is natural that to join requires no investments. The joining means, that a newbie gives his name and email to the merchant, who then can send instructions, what to do next. Even these first actions must support the later success and to build a brand. But there is no studying requirements at this phase, because the studying happens in the context of every step. This makes the learning easier.

The athmosphere is important in the start. A merchant has to encourage a newbie with all communications, so that a newbie feels, that this new internet business is fun. The first actions must be easy to do and sure successes.

2. A Newbie Selects His Own Domain, How Proud He Will Be!

An own domain is important, because that is a sign, that this domain represents something very special. There are two alternatives. Either a newbie selects a keyword based domain or a brand. I would recommend a keyword based, using some generic and big demand keyword.

The site pages will be published under the domain as subdomains. In this way a reader knows, what is the root domain and every page gets a slice from the image of the main domain. Publishing articles under the main domain gives them more ranking power, than to publish them in article directories alone.

A helpful affiliate program offers a service, which can handle the domain selection and registering process and to host the site with all its subpages. An own domain gives strength to the marketing and is important to be able to rank high in the search engines. A recommended affiliate program delivers an own website with an own domain in 24 hours and the site is ready to take orders, because all links are under the newbie name. A newbie can customize the content later as he or she will.

3. When The Site Is Up And Running, It Is The Time To Start The Promotions.

This affiliate program offers the customizable site plus a whole set of marketing material, which a newbie can use, squeeze pages, banners, ebook, dvds, videos, text ads, etc. For instance, he can start the promotions by using one of the squeeze pages to get the names and emails of the persons, because the program offers also an email income course. He can run traffic exchange campaing or advertise at Craigslist. These are easy ways to start and after he has got some touch to the marketing he can, if he wants, to proceed to the next step.

Juhani Tontti, B.Sc., Marketing, Has Worked With Plug In Profit Site Since 2005 And Helped Hundreds To Start As Plug In Profit Site Successful Affiliates. Visit: Internet Business

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