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Used BMW Cars - Know Your Beast Better

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The BMW Head-Up Display projects information directly in the line of sight of the driver so that there is full concentration on driving. It displays information from the navigation system and entertainment such as track titles, phone book entries and call lists.

The icons projected onto the windscreen are displayed in high resolution and full colour. Traffic symbols are also reproduced realistically. The illumination intensity is automatically modified to suit the external light conditions and the system also features night-time and day-time modes. The brightness can also be adjusted through the iDrive menu. Other information can also be displayed by mere selection.

Once you switch on to the ECO PRO Mode, a used BMW X1 works towards a greater efficiency. The fuel consumption drops by as much as 20%. The additional functions of preview assistant and ECO PRO Route make for 5% of saving potential. The control display shows which technologies are helping lower the fuel consumption currently. The drive also receives ECO PRO tips in the particular driving situation for improved efficiency.

Another revolutionary feature of the ECO PRO MODE is coasting. If the driver takes his foot off the accelerator and doesn’t brake within the speed range of 50-160km, the system disconnects the engine and the car coasts – i.e. rolls without engine power.

The preview assistant is an impressive function of ECO PRO Mode. Based on navigation data, it detects bends, roundabouts and speed limits and motorway exits along the route and provides the driver tips to reduce the speed of a used BMW 5 series. The proactive driving assistant also efficiently controls the coasting.

When you apply the brakes of your used BMW 7 series car, kinetic energy is generated and this energy goes unused. The BMW brake energy regeneration harnesses the coasting energy generated when you apply the brake or take your foot off the accelerator and turns it into electricity. This electricity is used to charge the car battery. The intelligent energy management system makes it certain that the alternator no longer needs to run permanently, which reduces the strain on the generator. The result is reduced fuel consumption and increased performance.

ECO PRO Route is also a part of ECO PRO Mode in a used BMW 3 series car; it considers various fields like driving style, present traffic situation and the condition of roads to calculate the most fuel-efficient route. The on-board computer reveals how many extra kilometres you have gained by using this technology.

The fine spacing of gear ratios in the eight-speed automatic transmission reduces fuel consumption and also enhances the gear-shift dynamics. Blame it on the COMFORT+ driving mode, the change of gear is so smooth that the transition is almost goes unnoticed.

The light, friction-optimised transmission also supports a sporty driving style with improved shifting dynamics and significantly more spontaneous gear changes. 

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