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Effortless Web Cash Formula Equal Fun and Profits

TrafficSwarm member since May 2009

By Chuck Anthony

Contrary to popular belief, there exists express methods for earning relatively fast money online from a set of proven internet marketing tactics. I have put these into practice regularly and needless to say, I am amazed at the results I achieve whenever I decide to implement. Amazing because the methods are practically effortless in nature, but nonetheless, highly efficient for deriving income. Professionals in the field will likely appreciate a straight forward approach to Internet Marketing from a practical point of view rather than hyped up nonsense as so often seen. As a matter of fact, testing the online money-making formulas has bee a lot of fun. One example uses an old-fashioned method of creating curiosity, but at the most foundational level-- your domain naming strategy. This alone will open some financial avenues for otherwise frustrated Internet Marketers everywhere.

Moreover, the uncertain economic climate continues to create opportunity for willing participants in the Internet Marketing space. The best part is that anyone with just the least amount of creativity, coupled with a burning desire can succeed financially with what I like to refer to as previously untapped 'effortless' skills. All you have to decide is what succeeding financially means to you. This could range from extra income to pay down some debt all the way up to career-level income that would allow you to quit your job-- If you still have one or, you don't work for the Government. Seriously though, I want you to know that making a living online is within your reach and perhaps easier to attain than you might think. Of course, the types of so-called effortless formulas discussed herein will help you harness the shear power of the Internet as the vehicle; driving traffic to your site, converting visitors into sales and commissions paid to you.

First, let me share some inside information with you that will help shed some light on how to derive an income from your Internet Marketing endeavor: At the outset you must adopt a leveraging mindset. Fortunately, the Internet provides a convenient way for you to do this through an industry known as Affiliate Marketing. I encourage you to perform some due diligence on the industry as well because it's always best to gain a basic understanding of what you are about to promote. Later on you'll be in a position to leverage that knowledge and understanding to your advantage. This leveraging strategy starts to gain traction when you form a relationship with the Affiliate Program or programs of which most are free to join.

Next I would recommend that you brush up on your writing skills as you will be writing ad copy for Affiliate products that you promote. You basically become a freelancer in terms of producing ad copy for a company while at the same time performing a valuable service; one that you are rewarded for generously should your ad copy produce leads and, or sales, oftentimes referred to as conversions. This is also a winning proposition for the company providing the goods and services as they do not pay you as an employee and therefore are not bound to traditional cost involved in such a relationship. Rather, the company pays you based on performance which of course, is where your burning desire to succeed comes in. By the way, don't be intimidated by the need for writing skills or lack thereof. Most companies will provide great resources as part of their Affiliate Program from which to draw from, so not to worry.

Another important piece of advice I want to mention when pursuing Internet Marketing endeavors is the KIS principal-- Keep It Simple! Remember, most of the really hard work has already been done for you; products and services have been created and your job is simply to promote. Something I learned a long time ago from a trusted sales guru has stuck with me throughout the years. He said: <b><i>"The basics are boring, but the results are beautiful."</b></i> So, learn the basics and the rest will take care of itself. If you truly have that burning desire I speak of to succeed in earning online income, the actual work will seem 'effortless' in comparison and that my friends, is a beautiful thing.

Now, keeping the basics in mind, allow me to pass along the number one humongous secret to breeding online business success-- Give away free stuff! That's right, in one of my businesses I give away free reports, in another a free ebook, and in yet another free food. You will simply be amazed at how effective these promotions can be, so please do not underestimate the value of a good old-fashioned freebie.

Finally, giving away something of value that relates to a product your promoting online usually involves the need for you to own a website. These days however, grabbing a domain and setting up a website can be easy as pie. Again, don't make this more difficult or complicated than it has to be. There are plenty of available resources that will help get you started on a simple website that can 'crush it' in terms of generating online commissions for you. The most important thing is to have your simple website geared to just <b>give away free stuff</b> that will drive 'effortless' sales for you.

Chuck Anthony is a home-based entrepreneur and Internet Marketer dedicated to helping like-minded individuals in their quest toward financial freedom. To learn more about how 'Giving Away Free Stuff' can help grow your online income, please visit

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