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The 3 B's of Digital Marketing

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The 3 Bs of Digital Marketing!    

One of my business partners talked about the "3 Bs of Digital Marketing" recently and I thought I'd share it with you:   There are many components to having a successful online marketing business, but keeping it simple with our tasks is so important. In other words, staying consistent, making the system, not the goal the point, is best. Consistently implementing the following 3 things, building your list, blogging, and broadcasting, will help you systematize your way to success!     

1. Build Your List       

Ask any marketer, the bigger your list, the bigger your business. No matter what your conversion rate is, the bigger the list, the more traffic or sales you will get. Some of the ways I build my list are with Facebook ads, blogging, paid guest blogging and solo ads.    

2. Blogging       

This is so important for helping build your list. People tend to look more at the person than the product. A blog can let others know who you are and what you're about. Blogs clue people in to your passions and interests. They'll know if you're someone they can relate to and trust. Once you've created a connection, they'll be happy to take a look at your opportunity or product. For best results, blog 5-7 days a week.     

Blogging is not a fast way of building your list. It is slow and steady, but once you build a connection, they'll stay with you.    

3. Broadcasting       

Once you start your list, you now need to connect with them . Broadcasting is just sending an email to your list. You are reading my broadcast! This is another way to share yourself, create a connection as in #2, or share information about upcoming events, etc.      

For me, connecting with you rather than sell you something is so important. I try to bring value with every broadcast I send and I hope you receive that value.            

All 3 of these points in an online marketing business are something I had never done before I engaged with the SFM/DEA. I had to conquer some fears to do this. Although I'm a musician/singer, my focus is on an impeccable performance, which for me, doesn't include speaking! My connection to my audience is through my singing.   

This business was a huge step for me but I'm so grateful that I took it!!   Engaging in our SFM/DEA business is the best decision we've made in business. The tools, education, and community are invaluable. Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek have their hearts and intentions in the right place, and I am so grateful to call them my friends and mentors.   Now, I so enjoy the connection I have with you, our audience and hope that it comes through in every communication from me.    Thank you so much for being on this journey with us!   





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