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GDS Booking System

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Trawex Technologies GDS Booking System is a complete solution for all travel agencies around the world. Our Booking System is one of the world’s leading Online Booking System used by the travel sector.  It allows agents to book airlines, sell seats, issue tickets, book car hire and hotel accommodation.  Online booking system that book and sell tickets for multiple airlines are known as Global Distribution Systems. Initially designed and operated by airlines, GDS was adapted for by travel agents.

Our complete solutions for online Booking system allows Hotel or any property to get online bookings from their own property website as well as various Distribution Channels like Expedia, etc. Our web based front desk software offers a real-time link to your website 24/7. The Trawex GDS Booking System is our hosted, scalable solution with instant online bookings. For your visitors, booking is simple, with the easy-to-navigate pathway from checking availability and prices through to making safe online bookings on your website.

The GDS Booking System is a feature that improves the amount of customers getting the online portal for travel ticket booking. We offer a travel booking software system that is scalable and secure, with a complete set of features. It employs state of the art technology and permits for quick responses to search queries around areas. Clients are very much alert of the technological developments going on in the market today. Therefore, they require Travel Management Software which is reliable and allows them to manage their holidays in an organized and reliable way. Our GDS Booking System provides an immediate and affordable online and in-line booking engine, including a customized administration and accounting system.


The GDS Booking System is different from a computer reservation system, which is a booking system used by the respective providers. Major customers of GDS are travel agents to make reservation on different reservations systems run by the providers. Trawex Technologies is an IT company delivering, development and distribution of the software solutions supporting internet reservation, sales and after-sales servicing of the air travel and tourist products. Our solutions are distinguished by functionality, flexibility of configuration, exceptional customization to particular customer requirements and low usage price acquired thanks to using latest open source technologies.

Trawex supports the highest level of involvement and connectivity to Amadeus, Sabre, Galileo, Hotelbeds and Abacus the worldwide distribution systems that the majority of travel agents utilizes. As an airline you must recognize which are the most important GDS systems in your market as the presence of each of the systems within travel agent differs from market to market but it is probable that you will require various contacts to the above systems.

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