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Free Service for Filmmakers

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This is a review of a website devoted to Filmmakers, Producers,
Directors and other Entertainment Professionals

Recently I came across a website devoted to all entertainment
professionals - people looking to get involved in Entertainment Business and
people like myself - looking to find talent for projects.

I did not expect this to be very good, because the subscription for
Filmmakers is free of charge. I registered an account and posted a casting
call. The next day I have received an email saying that "You have 10 new
applications". I was curious, can it be that for 1 day only my Casting Call
got 10 responses!? So I logged in and started looking through these people
and they were perfect for the roles I was casting. I sent them a message - a
batch message - to all at once - it took me several minutes only. So I do
recommend to use this site if you are looking for talent.

In addition, the Casting Department support girl is great - she answers all
your questions and this company can even post your casting call if you send
it to their email, so you don't have to do anything at all!

For more information contact them at

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