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My Dog Hint

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It was a pleasant Sunday evening after the visit of  lovely friends  at home .The time had come to go the evening walk with my dog ​​"Ploutos"

"Ploutos" is a delightful and playful Shih Tzu  just 1 years old.

It is kindness, social, and enjoys everything especially  his  WALK.

That evening it seemed like something to annoy him, after pees 2-3 times, arch

to do his business ... But nothing at all..As I was waiting for him ,he  started barking loudly almost "crying " again and again ... I did not know what to do ... Apparently he could not relieve himself. ... I was in a need of  a  "my dog hint".

I took him in my arms and took care not to shake ,it hurt terribly and bark.

I thought that I had to find a doctor but it was a Sunday evening and ran home .

Our grandma had not even gone to bed, was in the living room.

She asked what happened, and I told her  all about our walking.

After my answer to grandma I remembered  I had noticed my earplugs was missing from the ashtray on the bedside. I realized that "Ploutos"climbing the bedside  has been playing with earplugs and  finally swallowed them.

Immediately I shared my thinking with my grandmother.

It is very good and useful  to have a grandma at home, she knows many things ...and

"dog hints"

 She told me with a smile :"My daughter is not  serious, give  3-4 tablespoons full of oil

and in half an hour at most will make the coarse  along with the earplugs ..

-"Just make sure not to leave your earplugs  on the bedside  again.."

I  faithfully followed "my dog hint" as grandmother had told me.

Ploutos opened widely his round eyes  when he was forced to swallow 3 big tablespoons of oil.

Indeed half an hour"Ploutos" had settled and despite the very crummy fell asleep in his basket.

"My dog hint"  has perfectly  worked and the most important thing was that donated from my own grandma.

I think that you got your answer when you encounter a similar incident.

Keep more to have in your home a wise grandma.. ..but if you havent  I  recently found an awesome Dog training system with which you can put an end to all the frustration and pain of training your Dog - permanently!

The reason this is so effective is because it's based on the two things your beloved Dog  craves... YOUR LOVE and YOUR ATTENTION.

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Evanthia Giannou

(A marketer who loves family,children,and animals)

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