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It seems like everyone is going for working from home as the alternative to cooperate type jobs

As it is made to sound the ideal solution, not boss telling you what to do or complain if you arrive late for work and not doing something you hate doing – no travelling

While there is some truth in these and other reason given for working from home, they fail to give the whole truth which I will attempt to rectify

1: If you choose to start your own online business, you will need to treat it as a business and not as a hobby or a try it and see short term venture

As any business will take time – effort and persistence if you expect it to make money for you

2: You will become your own boss, setting work hours - Yes WORK is involved!

3: Before venturing into online business, you need to consider the impact it will have on family life, to make sure with your partner and children that you need privacy and time alone to run your business, as it can become more time consuming than going out to work

4: You need to have a designated space to function in a business style, without too much interference or interruptions

5: The need for organization and staying that way, clutter free wherever possible work spaces, and dedicated appointment book – notepads and bookkeeping software and books maybe be needed

6: Dedicated telephone business phone line if needed, if orders need to be placed over the phone

7: Payment processing system which can be easily connected to any website you own

8: Your own hosted website and domain name, never go for a free hosted site or blog, as this will look unprofessional and those site can be taken down without any notification

9: Landing or Capture pages must be used – NEVER send traffic to the website

10: How to build a responsive mailing list and why it’s important

11: The need to learn new skills, such as acquiring traffic (visitors) how to convert them to buyers

12 Learn marketing skills, including engaging copy or using video – offering FREE items & what to use

13: To be willing to continually learning as an ongoing process

14: To have enough independent money at least to last in the initial stages, but preferable enough financial assists to draw on when needed

As you can see starting and running your own online business, will be demanding and needs careful consideration  

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