TrafficSwarm Terms of Service

TrafficSwarm welcomes all webmasters and online marketers who can follow a few simple rules. Our "Terms of Service" are necessary to ensure a system that is fair to all users, and remains "family safe" for the general public.

In a nutshell it goes something like this - If you try to cheat the system, your account will be automatically deleted every time. If you're honest and play fair you won't have any problems, and you'll get lots of free traffic to your site.

With that being said, please read the full Terms of Service below ...

One Account Per User

You can promote multiple URLs with just one TrafficSwarm account, and there isn't any other reason you would need multiple accounts, so effective immediately we are implementing a new rule of "one account per user."

We have automated systems in place that can accurately detect users who are creating multiple accounts. Please do not create more than one account, as any others after your first account will be automatically deleted.

Furthermore, TrafficSwarm accounts may not be given away, traded, bartered, sold or transferred to anyone else in any way -- period.  Again, monitoring systems are in place to detect such changes and any accounts found being transferred will be deleted.

"Bogus" Account Information

Any account with clearly bogus information will be automated deleted by the system. Bogus information includes such things as entering "1234" as your first name, "" as your email address, etc.
This also applies to your URLs, Titles and Descriptions. We manually review every link, so entering meaningless information such as "asdfasdfasdf", etc. wastes our time and will result in your account being deleted.

If you are concerned about your privacy, please note that we adhere to a very comprehensive Privacy Policy. Your personal information is not shared with anyone, for any reason, and we don't bombard our users with "spam".

You can view the full TrafficSwarm Privacy Policy by clicking on the Privacy Policy link at the bottom of any page of our site.
Agreement to Receive Mailings

By joining TrafficSwarm, you agree to receive email from the company including: the TrafficSwarmAdvisor Newsletter, periodic announcements about traffic products and other announcements or offers. You have the right to cancel these emails by canceling your membership. Random Start Page Click Verification

The Start Page Click Verification system is an integral part of our anti-cheat protection system, which ensures you receive only real, live targeted traffic from TrafficSwarm. It prevents cheaters from using automated scripts or software to simulate "clicks" and earn credits for doing nothing.

Users of the TrafficSwarm Start Page may randomly be presented with an ad with a title that indicates that the particular ad is really an anti-fraud test ad and should not be clicked on. All that is required to pass this "cheat" test is to not click the ad.

If you click the anti-fraud test ad, your account will be updated to reflect a failed click test. After five failures, your account will be permanently locked.

Loading your Start Page Too Fast

Loading and re-loading your Start Page over and over as fast as you can in an attempt to earn more credits is strictly prohibited, because it is a waste of other users' hard-earned credits. There's no reason to load your Start Page at all if you aren't even going to look at what loads on your screen ...

And using any type of software, emulator, script, robot, or other automated mechanisms to load your Start Page, or any other TrafficSwarm URL, multiple times simultaneously is strictly prohibited.

We have automated monitoring systems in place that easily and accurately detect this type of activity, and you will receive a warning if you are loading pages too fast. If you disregard these warnings and continue abusing the system in this way, your account will be automatically deleted.

Automated Page Loading/Rotators

Our #1 priority is to maintain the above-average results people achieve with TrafficSwarm, and the only way we can accomplish this is by ensuring that all users' links are displayed only to real, live, targeted prospects.
Any script, auto surf, rotator or other system that loads pages automatically goes directly against this primary objective, and thus you may not use these methods to activate or promote your TrafficSwarm Start Page.
Our system can easily detect this, and will automatically delete any TrafficSwarm account which is being loaded automatically.

The only page you may promote using these automated methods, if you want, is your Referral URL used to refer new TrafficSwarm users.

Promoting your Start Page

You may NOT promote or encourage others to use your Start Page, under any circumstances. Every user has their own Start Page, and anyone that wants a TrafficSwarm Start Page just needs to create a free account.

The proper way to introduce other people to TrafficSwarm is by promoting your Referral URL - read the Refer Others To TrafficSwarm section of the members' site.

If you promote your Start Page and/or allow other people to use it, you will receive an email warning -- once per occurrence. After 3 warnings your account will be automatically deleted if you continue to promote your Start Page.

Excessive Page Loading with No Activity

Despite the fact there is a limit on the number of credits any user can earn in a day by only loading their own Start or other pages (and not clicking any links), some dishonest folks try to cheat the system by loading their own page 100s or 1000s of times in a very short period of time.

This puts an unnecessary load on our servers, is unfair to other honest users, and is strictly prohibited. In order to prevent such abuses, we have various systems in place to automatically detect such activity.
We can't describe them all for obvious reasons, but one of the primary systems will automatically delete any account that does not generate at least 1 click for every 500 loads of that account's Start page.

Specific Sites NOT Allowed

TrafficSwarm is a "Family Safe" network. This means that any site being promoted via TrafficSwarm must be appropriate for a general audience. Sites which contain OR promote any of the following are NOT allowed:
  • Adult or Pornographic content
  • Software pirating or other illegal content
  • Inflammatory, defamatory or offensive content
  • Sites that break out of our Start Page frame
Furthermore, sites from the following may not be promoted at this time:
  • .tk Domains - Most people cannot view these domains
  • Rotator Sites - Each URL being promoted is reviewed before it can be promoted.  Since we cannot review every possible URL in a rotator site, these sites may not be promoted.

If you try to promote a site that is blatantly against this policy, your account will be deleted without warning and you will lose all credits. If your site is questionable we suggest you ask before promoting it via TrafficSwarm.

Other Inappropriate Sites

TrafficSwarm, at its sole discretion, reserves the right to remove any site that is deemed inappropriate. Other inappropriate sites include, but are not limited to, sites that use multiple pop-ups or pop-unders, sites that use malicious or annoying javascript code, sites that violate users' privacy, etc.

There may be other sites that TrafficSwarm deems inappropriate for any number of reasons (quality of the site, questionable content, etc.). The bottom line is that TrafficSwarm reserves the right to reject any site for any reason.

Currently, TrafficSwarm serves the world's English-speaking population - so sites in another language are not accepted at this time. Please don't submit sites with Non-English content as it will not help you anyway.

Anti-Spam Policy

We really don't care how you promote your own sites, but we are strongly against any type of spam - including but not limited to unsolicited emails and inappropriate or bulk newsgroup postings. These techniques may NOT be used to promote TrafficSwarm in any way, shape, or form. Doing so will result in immediate and permanent account termination.Occasional TrafficSwarm Updates

Occasionally (usually not more than twice per month) we will send you important TrafficSwarm updates and/or announcements via email. By creating an account you are giving us permission to do so, and agree that these email updates or announcements we send you are not "spam".

The email updates and/or announcements are very important to you as a TrafficSwarm user, so should you decide that you don't want to receive these occasional emails from us you must cancel your TrafficSwarm account.

Inactive Accounts Automatically Deleted

Any account that has no activity after 60 days is automatically deleted by the system. If your account is deleted for inactivity, you will need to create a new account should you decide that you want to use TrafficSwarm in the future.


Obviously, anyone who tries to artificially inflate their credits or cheat the system in any other way will be permanently deleted and banned. We have a very sophisticated system in place that can easily and accurately detect such activity, which ensures that honest users' credits are not wasted.